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    • Group Benefits Plan

    A comprehensive benefits plan can help you attract and retain valuable employees. We work with all the country’s leading group insurance providers, we offer dynamic products and years of experience, so we’re equipped to create a plan that fits the needs of your organization. Generate reports and access billing and enrolment details easily using our online solutions. 

    • Group Retirement Plans

    Your organization is unique. 

    That's why we take a customized approach to your group retirement and savings plans needs. 

    We have the large investment fund lineup in the industry and a variety of plan types and products to meet your needs. 

    We also offer target risk and target date asset allocation funds—so your employees can get diversification within a single fund.   

    We work with you to understand your unique needs, and those of your employees. That’s what pushes us to provide superior service. 

    We have innovative solutions to meet your employees’ needs and to help you effectively administer your organization’s plan.     


    • Key Person/Shareholders Life Insurance

    Business owners want to know that when they die or become disabled there’s a plan that outlines the terms under which their interests will be sold for a fair price. After all, their business is often key to supporting their lifestyle today and accumulating wealth for their future.

    A buy/sell agreement is a legally binding agreement between co-owners of a business. It helps to determine the situation if a co-owner dies, becomes disabled, is forced to leave the business or chooses to leave the business.  A buy/sell agreement is important because it can: 

    • Spell out each owner’s obligation to purchase shares on the death or disability of the other owner(s) 
    • Secure a market/buyer for each shareholder’s interest 
    • Let existing employees know the business will continue 
    • Ensure heirs don’t inherit shares by default 

    Generally, funding a buyout with insurance is more cost-effective than using profits from the business or taking on a loan. Click here to reach a Slater Wealth Management advisor today 

    • Corporate Asset transfers

    The opportunity The Corporate asset transfer concept is designed for business owners who:  

    • are typically over age 50 and in good health ƒ are shareholders of a successful and established private corporation  
    • own investments in this private corporation that may not be needed during their lifetime ƒ typically either have plans to establish or have already established a holding company  
    • are looking to preserve the accumulated passive investments held within the corporation  
    • have a desire to reduce taxes on income (personal or corporate)  
    • -wish to enhance the value of their estate for heirs    

    The assets shareholders hold, either directly or indirectly through the corporations, will vary in their features and characteristics. These assets include business share value (either of their holding company or operating company), traditional investments or life insurance. The asset growth, investment risk, tax treatment, liquidity and distribution of these assets will vary depending on the asset and the financial goals of the shareholder. Consider evaluating how these differences can be managed to the shareholder’s advantage. The Corporate asset transfer concept:  

    • allows the corporation to retain control of their passive surplus capital in a taxadvantaged insurance program  
    • can preserve more of the business assets for transfer to heirs than traditional taxable investments 
    • provides an immediate enhancement to the assets available for transfer to surviving shareholders  offers tax-advantaged accumulation while living and an increase to the capital dividend account (CDA) upon death The Corporate asset transfer concept relates specifically to replacing traditional fixed income investments within an exempt cash value life insurance policy. In order to discover how this concept can work for shareholders, an understanding of corporately- held traditional investments and taxation should be revisited. 
    • Corporate Investment and Corporate Bank Accounts

    At Slater Wealth Management, we can open corporate Investment accounts to suit your company's needs.  From the best Guaranteed Investments Accounts to Balanced Investment strategies to Long term stock based investment funds, we can align you with the correct accounts that are aligned to the proper use and time horizon  of your corporate dollars.   

    In addition we can open corporate bank accounts that generate high interest on your money with no monthly account fee.  These accounts are suitable for accounts that do not require cash deposits.

    Click here to reach a Slater Wealth Management Advisor today 

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